A look up

Three pics from last week when waiting for auroras. It feels good just to look up to the Sky and let your thoughts fly.

Gear: E-M1 Mark III + M.Zuiko 7-14/2.8 @7mm.

Northern lights

Finally got some northern lights pics before clouds covered the sky. This time there were also very nice red colored lights, very beautiful.

These pics were shot during the night Oct. 23rd/24th.

Gear: E-M1 Mark III + Panasonic Leica Summilux 12/1.4. Detailed specs are shown with each pic.

Morning at Lake Littoistenjärvi

Last week I finally had some time to stop over at Lake Littoistenjärvi in the morning.

All pics are shoot handheld, the first one is a panorama of three portraits.

Bodies: E-M1 Mark III and E-M1X, lenses: M.Zuiko 12-100/4, 40-150/2.8 and 300/4.

Tips for focusing in the dark

Okay, this was the only night during this northern lights activity period when I had a chance to try some great northern light pics.

The sky was almost clear, no wind, very good weather conditions. And no northern lights. This is the way it usually goes in Southern Finland.

Anyway, here are some tips for focusing in the dark using Olympus gear:

Turn Live View Boost on. If you want to use AF, the use Starry Sky AF. If you want to focus manually, use PreMF focused to 999,9 meters or use magnifying view. That is pretty much it, works fine.

Gear: E-M1 Mark III with Panasonic Leica 12/1.4.