Satellites and perseids

After the sunset sky was clear and still perseids on the sky. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, at least a couple of crucial issues.

Issue 1: Do your homework in advance, check what is the best shooting direction. In the first picture shooting direction was almost upwards and no, the perseids were not there. They were on the southern sky. The lines in the first pic are satellites.

Issue 2: Wider lens would have been better. I should have used M.Zuiko 7-14/2.8 lens, aperture 2.8 would have been enough. Now I used Panasonic Leica 12/1.4. Well, at least Starry Sky AF got tested also with this lens. Works fine.

Both pics are taken with Live Comp and Starry Sky AF. Very handy.

Any perseids? Yes, three lines on the left side of the second pic!

Gear: E-M1 Mark III + Panasonic Leica 12/1.4, Live Comp, Starry Sky AF.

On vacation b/w, part I

On July my wife and I did a vacation road trip to East Finland. The first photoset is from Mikkeli and Mäntyharju.

Gear: PEN-F with M.Zuiko 17/1.8 and 25/1.8.

Varanger, part II

I did also a few days packback hike in Varanger inlands. It has been years since I have carried a telephoto lens on a hike, but this time I wanted to test. I had E-M1 Mark III + 300/4 + MC-14 attached to packback straps in front ready to shoot and 7-14/2.8 in packback for scenery photos.

What other camera formats could offer this kind of focal length, mobility and lightness? And you don’t have to worry weather conditions.

Gear: E-M1 Mark III, M.Zuiko 300/4, MC-14, 7-14/2.8