Lake Littoistenjärvi got frozen. Still there are about 40 silent swans and a dozen whooper swans though their chances to find food get worse day by day.

It seems like some of the silent swan youngsters are still doing their flying exercises. They will be in a hurry. Whooper swans are ok, just waiting for the right moment to go.

Gear: E-M1X + M.Zuiko 300/4 with MC-20.

Highlights(?) 2020

Well, nothing spectacular this year, but here are some pics which are meaningful to me in a way or another.

Gear: E-M1X, E-M1 Mark III, PEN-F and several M.Zuiko lenses.

E-M1X Bird tracking – First impressions

It is almost the darkest time of the year, days are very short and no snow at all here in South-Western Finland.

And no sun.

Bird photography is absolutely impossible – unless if you use some artificial light. Here are some examples from our back yard.

I also tested the new E-M1X bird tracking AF option. First impression is that it works very fine even at very low light and bird behind bushes. The bird tracking AF identifies the shape of bird and focuses to bird’s eye. Of course, there was so little light that it was impossible to test to moving birds.