Golden eagle

I spent a day in Finnature‘s golden eagle hide in Utajärvi. Great facilities there too!

This time there was only one golden eagle and so there was no chances to shoot any action pics, but it is a great beautiful bird!

Gear: E-M1X + M.Zuiko 300/4 and E-M1 Mark III + M.Zuiko 40-150/2.8 + MC-14.

Eurasian eagle owl

I spent a night in Finnature‘s forest feeder studio in Liminka. There are LED lights so you are able to shoot portrait pics all the night. Facilities are very good, I can recommend the place.

All pics are non cropped, ISO 5000-6400, 1/60-1/100 sec. All the E-M1X pics were shot with bird tracking AF – I must say it is very accurate focusing to bird’s head and eye. In these kind of circumstances silent shutter is also a must.

Gear: E-M1X + M.Zuiko 300/4 and E-M1 Mark III + M.Zuiko 40-150/2.8 + MC-14.

DIY memory card speed comparison test

Here is a straight forward Sandisk Extreme SD memory card speed comparison test with four different types of cards and three OMD bodies.

E-M1 Mark III has one UHS II compatible slot (Slot 1). Both slots of E-M1X are UHS II compatible.

All bodies were tested with M.Zuiko 25/1.2, mechanical shutter, sequential mode 10 frames/second (PEN-F Sequential H, others sequential L), 1/1000 s, f/1.2, ISO 400, manual focusing.

I put the camera on tripod and started shooting. When shooting slowed down, I stopped shooting and started the stopwatch. When the camera buffer was empty I stopped the stopwatch and counted the frames on memory card.

The results of the test 1 are on Table 1.

In practice there seems to be no difference between 90 Mb/s, 95 Mb/s and 170 Mb/s UHS I cards. UHS II is very fast in UHS II compatible slots: with 10 f/s the camera buffer gets never full and you can shoot continuously if necessary.

E-M1X slot 2 seems to be faster than slot 1 with each card. This is interesting.

Table 1 – shooting 10 frames/second

I also tested with 15 frames/second (sequential H) to find the limits. Results are on Table 2.

Table 2 – Shooting 15 frames/second


Lake Littoistenjärvi got frozen. Still there are about 40 silent swans and a dozen whooper swans though their chances to find food get worse day by day.

It seems like some of the silent swan youngsters are still doing their flying exercises. They will be in a hurry. Whooper swans are ok, just waiting for the right moment to go.

Gear: E-M1X + M.Zuiko 300/4 with MC-20.